Nutritive values of nuts

It is very often a question of taste. One likes or one does not like nuts. But it is also a question of presentation. Only, sometimes, certain nut can leave a small bitter taste which displeases certain palate. However, incorporated in various recipes, nuts do not release the same flavour.

Certain nut contains iron, zinc, magnesium, the B1 vitamins, B6 and E as well as folates.

Nutritive values of nuts

However, nuts contain many calories and a certain quantity of fat. Thus, it is preferable to incorporate approximately 30 grams of nut per day, several times per week, instead of emptying the bag the same day. It is obviously preferable to avoid salted or seasoned nuts. With the naturalness, their attraction is to the maximum. It is preferable to eat nuts seasoned in reasonable quantity, instead of avoiding them completely.

In the following pages, we inform you of the various nutritive elements of nuts.
You can consult the comparative table of the nutrition value of nuts

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